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Whether you're new to kiteboarding and want the best place to learn kitesurfing, or an experienced kiter that loves the surf, you need to know where to go for your kiteboarding holidays. We've got info, the trips and kitesurfing packages to get you on your next kitesurfing trip!  There are many amazing kiting destinations around the world. Some are better at certain times of the year, others are great year round. We are here to show kitersurfers like you the best kite surfing spots around the world.

Take a look at these featured Kiteboarding Destinations we can tailor for your next vacation!

Portugal | Brazil |Egypt | Cape Town | Bali | Mozambique|

 Book your next trip with Destination Kiteboarding we have over 20 years of surf, kitesurf and adventure travel to exotic and mostly ;) tropical destinations around the world and our goal is to  get you to a place you will love and want to go back to.

Destination Kiteboarding

Let's face it, this fast growing watersport is about lifestyle. You can travel to the most exotic kitesurfing spots in the world while pursuing a sport that you love. Many people take long vacations to spend months improving their performance. Others find a way to live full or part-time in their favourite location.  Choose your destination and choose your adventure to sun, wind and fun!

Thank you Destination Kiteboarding we had an amazing kitesuf holiday and will be back for more!

-Kaley Morrison,  Toronto

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