2 future Assets, not just instructors

by Ryan
(Milwaukee, WI)


First off I want to say we are willing to travel. My girlfriend and I are in the market to join up with a kite school. I have been kiting for around 8 years and she's been kiting for about 2. Both of us are proficient kiters and I used be an instructor for several years. She hasn't done a lot of instructing however has huge potential. What she lacks in experience, she makes up in determination.

We both come from the great lakes area, both have experience with flat water, gusty/bad/shifty wind conditions, waves, chop & snow kiting.

She is currently an architect while I'm currently working for a metal sculpture artist.

I have the capabilities and experience of:

Instructing, Project Management, marketing & advertising, Photography & videography (Graduated with a BFA in Photography). Oh, I also know how to weld MIG & TIG on mild and stainless steel. Not bad if you need a solid slider or kicker made...

You can see some of my work at: www.edelmansculpturestudios.com / www.ryanhainey.com & see a sample of us kiting in big wave conditions at:


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