2010 9m North Rebel $1099


2010 9m North Rebel $1099

Unfortunately, I broke my wrist 2 weeks ago mountain biking, 2 days after i ordered my new kite gear for the season :-(. Retailer wouldn't take back so I'm selling an unused still in the packet North Rebel 9m 2010.

This is probably the best all-round kite on the market, great de-power, predictable and easy to control - so i've heard!

Check the full spec here: http://www.northkites.com/public/content/products/kites/rebel/index_eng.html

If you are interested in buying the full pack i can offer a discount -
2010 - North Rebel 9m - $1099
2010 - North 5th Element bar and lines - $400
2010 - North Gonzales 135cm - $499
2010 - North Air Styler Harness - Medium $179

Full package: $1999


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