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1. Destination Maui Revisited
2. Your Location: Cancun Mexico
3. Kiteboarding Life - The Butterfly Effect
4. Kiteboarding Jobs - got one, want one?

1. Kiteboarding Destination: Maui Revisited - We were recently back in Maui enjoying some fantastic wind and waves. The north easterly trades kicked in and together with great swells, it made for some incredible kitesurfing. The Naish cults (6m and 7.5m) and fish surfboard we were riding were great for the 20-25 knot winds between Lanes, Hookipa and Kitebeach, Kanaha.

I also enjoyed some great surfing at the world famous Honolua bay with some good 4-6 foot waves. Honolua Bay is north of the touristy Lahaina on the North West of Maui. Going back south of Honolua, you can find a wave to suit any board riding style and all experience levels. If Honolua is a bit beyond your ability, you can join the plenty of longboarders and standup paddlers who span out in the gentle waves along the west and south facing shores between Papalaua and Launiupoko.

Maui is always a great kiteboarding destination and April is a really good month if you like good waves and winds. But with so much more to offer than just kiteboarding - Maui is worth it as your first trip or your fifth and a great honeymoon option with your kites in too! Here's more of an update on Maui with a map and some added content.
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2. Holiday in Cozumel - Thanks for your submissions to "Your Locations" - Kitesurfing Cozumel off the Caribbean coast from Cancun, Mexico, is one of those island gems. Mike recently traveled to this funky island blessed with wind, waves, tranquility or all-night parties. He had this to say about it before heading straight back! Kitesurfing Cozumel

3. Kiteboarding Life - The Butterfly Effect - I was lucky to meet up with the two dynamic girls who started the world phenomenon: the 'Butterfly Effect'. Now in its third year on Maui and making tracks to a location near you, this womens only event is gaining in popularity - check out Tatiana, Juliana and The Butterfly Effect

Kiteboarding Jobs - As the kiteboarding industry continues to grow, so too does the job market. If you are looking for instructors or offering kiteboarding services take a look, or post for free on our ~Job Board~ in Kiteboarding Jobs

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