Welcome to Destination Kiteboarding's Kiteguide - your guide to finding the best kitesurfing holiday destinations and travel in kiteboarding.

With the North American destinations especially up in the northern States and Canada really cooling down, there is a bit of a migration south to warmer kiteboarding locations.

We have been researching and checking out new Caribbean kitesurfing spots! and 'Warming it up' for the winter...

In this issue:
1. Caribbean Kitesurfing - the Island side.
2. Kiteboarding Life - an up and coming rider in the Light.
3. Surf and Kiting Drysuits - a surfer and kiter's review.
4. Kiteboarding Jobs - Kiteschool need an instructor? Instructor looking for work?
5. Buy & Sell Kiteboarding Gear - Got any used gear you want to sell? Check out our used gear section and post your gear.

1. Kiteboarding Destination: Kitesurfing the Caribbean
We have compiled several destinations in the Caribbean and more to come...to take the guess work out of your search for the best kiteboarding destinations.
Click here to check it out.

2. Kiteboarding Life: Sam Light
A young up-and-coming British kiteboarder living his dream and becoming well recognized in the world kiteboarding arena.

3. Drysuit Review
Written by surfer and kiter Gareth Turner. This review gives the ins and outs of a new drysuit (which actually looks like a wetsuit) just out by Ocean Rodeo. Check it out...

4. Kiteboarding Jobs
Does your kiteschool need an instructor? Are you an instructor looking for a great kiteschool? Check out what is out there. New jobs recently uploaded. Post your position

5. Kiteboarding Gear
Got anything you want to sell - There are people out there who want to buy your used gear! Buy n Sell Used Gear

Thanks for reading and good winds from us at DKB!