Welcome to Destination Kiteboarding's kiteguide - your guide to kitesurfing holiday destinations and whats happening in kiteboarding . Summer is the time for kiteboarding and travel in spots around North America and Europe - we've been lucky enough to hit Oregon, USA and camped out and kited at some sweet, lesser known spots further up the Gorge. If you get down that way drop in to the town of Hood River. It's a great place to hang out, meet kiters and enjoy the vibe of this funky town.

In this issue of kiteguide we're looking at:
1. Destination Europe and Tarifa Spain
2. Kiteboarding Life - John Zimmerman from Ocean Rodeo took time to chat to me before heading over to Europe
3. SUP smash! - You might want to check out this incredible photo.
4. Kiteboarding Jobs - do you have something to offer as a kiteschool or looking for work as an instructor?

1. Kiteboarding Destination: Europe and Tarifa, Spain - Catching up with the European scene, we drop into Europe and begin to take a look at the spots that are keeping the kiting big in Europe:

Tarifa, Spain, is one of the biggest. Check out a little bit about kiteboarding Tarifa and the insane thermal winds that funnel through the straights entering the Mediterranean between Africa and the southern tip of Europe. Kiteboarding Europe

2. Kiteboarding Life - JohnZ@Ocean Rodeo - John started with the small beginnings at OR and has been a real drive in developing this Canadian outfit into the international company it has become. Find out how some soul searching and his love of the outdoor life landed him at Ocean Rodeo on the West Coast of Canada.

3. SUP Smash or - SUP on this! - A classic shot of this unfortunate SUP'er is a must see of this Aussie known only as 'Dave'...

4. Kiteboarding Jobs - Does your kiteschool need an instructor? Are you an instructor looking for work? Post your position here. Post your position here.

Good winds from us at Destination Kiteboarding.