Welcome to Destination Kiteboarding's kiteguide - your guide to kitesurfing holiday destinations and whats happening in kiteboarding . It has been a crazy month - and the fact that wind has been blowing consistently has meant too much time on the water! Hope you're getting in as much kiting as you can!

In this issue of kiteguide we're looking at:
1. Destination Ras Sudr in Egypt
2. California Kiters -This is Important - Read the blog post!
3. Kiteboarding Life -I got to chat to Jon Malmberg in Maui: Exploring the life of a Naish Designer
4. Kiteboarding schools - Aquasports Maui - a great school on Kitebeach, Kanaha, Maui.

1. Kiteboarding Destination: Ras Sudr - After hearing a lot about this secluded spot from a few expats living in Cairo who have written in, Ras Sudr is the perfect quick and quiet kiteboarding getaway. Take a closer look at this location: Ras Sudr

2. California Kiters - read this! - With the possibility of 80% of parks going to be shut down in California, check this out and make yourself heard before its too late!. click here.

3. Kiteboarding Life - Jon 'Bam Bam' Malmberg - Jon is one of the lucky guys living the life in Maui. As an engineer, Jon works as a designer for Naish Kiteboarding. This huge adrenaline junkie has a collection of sports and hobbies to his name and if you've ever been to Maui and bumped into him, he's difficult to forget!
Meet the Man

4. Kiteboarding School - Aquasports - Looking for lessons for you or your partner in Maui? Aquasports Maui has the qualified instructors to get you riding. Aquasports Maui

Good winds from us at Destination Kiteboarding.