Welcome to Destination Kiteboarding's kiteguide - your guide to kitesurfing holiday destinations. With tips on travel and locations for both beginners and experienced riders to bring our global kiteboarding community to the best destinations in the world.

In this issue:
1. Destination South Africa
2. Holiday in Egypt: Sinai Peninsula
3. Kiteboarding Life - a look into the lives of people living kiting.

1. Kiteboarding Destinantion: South Africa - so many people I meet who travel to this dynamic colourful country have only the best things to say about their experiences. The people are friendly and the scenery is undoubtedly some of the most spectacular in the world. As kiters, we get to experience the best of the best by living our great sport in these amazing places. Having lived for many years in Cape Town, check out my article on South Africa and Cape Town to see this as your next kiteboarding destination.
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2. Egypt is an interesting holiday destination and one of the best all-year round wind destinations in the world. While El Gouna and Hurgarda are the most well known, we were lucky enough to travel here this winter and kite the more remote parts of Egypt on the Sinai peninsula.
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3. In a new section - Kiteboarding Life, I am interviewing people living and loving the kiteboarding lifestyle. As I mention I am starting to interview locally but as I meet or hear about new people carving out their lives in kiting industries, this will develop. Check out - Inflow industries - the first installment of Kiteboarding Life.
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