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After a trip to Cape Town to visit friends and family with some great wind and awesome waves during the past month in November, Cape Town still comes highly recommended. More coming on this great destination in the future!

Ok in this issue of Kiteguide:
1. Aruba another Caribbean Kitesurfing hotspot - the Island down south.
2. Winter stormchasing - kitesurfing in Canada - a surfer and kiter charging in Tofino.
3. Cabarete: Hotel Casa Blanca - Check out this great kiteboarding spot to stay - right on the beach.
4. Kiteboarding Jobs - Nicaragua anyone?
5. Buy & Sell Kiteboarding Gear - Got any used gear you want to sell? Check out our used gear section and post your gear.

1. Kiteboarding Destination Aruba
Following on with Kitesurfing the Caribbean another spot kiters are flocking to just off the coast of South America.
Click here check out Aruba.

2. Kitesurfing in Tofino
Long time kiter Kyle Touey gives his low down on the spots in and around Tofino - a must for West coast Canadians heading for this area.

3. Cabarete's Hotel Casa Blanca
This great hotel situated right near the beach in Cabarete is a great place to stay for your next kitesurfing trip here - Check it out...

4. Kiteboarding Jobs
Job in Nicaragua... take a look

5. Kiteboarding Gear
Got anything you want to sell - There are people out there who want to buy your used gear! Buy n Sell Used Gear

Thanks for reading and good winds from us at DKB!