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So its been a fun time since I last sent this out. In between the amazing summer we've been having here in Vancouver and Squamish,BC, we've been heading over to Nitinat on Vancouver Island to get some of the sweet thermal winds that funnel up from the pacific on those warm summer days. Racing at 5am to make sure we got a ferry on a long weekend was the easy part - getting my girlfriend out of bed was the challenge!

In this issue:
1. The Nitinat Return - first trip back for 2009
2. Kiteboarding Film shoot - Tourism Squamish's promotional kiteboarding vid - my pics
3. KSM travel packages - a great way to kiteboard and enjoy Maui - Kiteboarding School of Maui
4. Kiteboarding Jobs - do you have something to offer as a kiteschool or looking for work as an instructor?
5. Buy & Sell Kiteboarding Gear - Got any used gear you want to sell check out used gear section and post your gear.

1. Kiteboarding Destination: Trip to Nit, Vancouver Island
As my first trip back to Nitinat this summer, I was blown away (pun not intended) by the funkiness of this gem of a spot. Take a look at Nitinat's profile to get what I mean. The camping gets pretty crowded but with such a great vibe, cool friends and many new faces, we had a great time and wind-wind-wind!
Don't forget WindFest coming up this Friday from 14 -16 August. Click here to check out more on Nitinat.

2. Kiteboarding Film shoot
The Tourism Squamish film shoot - 2 days of "ACTION!" Yeah as I mention I got the role as one of the 'faces of Squamish Kiteboarding' and me and my faithful dog Cheekeye played the part - he did better than I - at least he understands when he's told to "sit"! Check out some cool fisheye lens photos and a bit more about the day.

3. Kiteboarding School of Maui- KSM
have put together a great travel package. Planning a trip to Maui now or in the future. Take advantage of this great offer and check them out here. KSM Travel packages!

4. Kiteboarding Jobs
Does your kiteschool need an instructor? Are you an instructor looking for a great kiteschool? Check out what is out there. New jobs have been uploaded. Post your position here.

5. Kiteboarding Gear
Got anything you want to sell - There are people out there who want to buy your used gear! Buy n Sell Used Gear Here

Thanks for reading and good winds from us at DKB!