African Wildlife Safari

An African Wildlife Safari is the only way to make an african kiteboarding trip the most memorable ever - a once in a lifetime travel experience. South Africa offers great safaris to suit your preference and budget. As a kiter your priorities may not be as pressing as the 'die hard' safari traveller, but if you can fit it in, its good to have and idea of what you would want from this unique African experience. So depending on what your are looking for you can choose from a variety of options...

Do you want a private custom safari, a group safari, do you want to travel from camp to camp in your rental car or do you want to be based at a more permanent lodge and do day trips.

The Kruger National Park north of Johannesburg is 350km long and borders with Mozambique, it offers the best all round packages to suit a budget. Cheap (safe) camping is available, to staying in average priced 'rondavel' huts to staying in more luxury cottages in the park.

Apart from the 'big 5' of lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard, hundreds of different species of mammals can be seen in the Kruger, including hippo, giraffe.The game rangers in all parks are highly trained to ensure safety of their visitors and take tours in specially designed game park 4x4 vehicles. Bush walking tours with trained guides are also available. Alternatively you can take your own vehicle and drive through the park.

This incredible footage viewed over 43 million times speaks for how unbelievable African wildlife safaris can be - you wouldn't believe this were true if you were told this - watch the whole thing it NEVER turns outs how you think it will!

Private luxury game parks in many cases bordering the Kruger, with fences removed enable game to roam freely between parks and offer visitors 3 to 5 star luxury accommodation. Parks such as Timbavati, Sabi Sabi and Mala Mala are a few but there are many popular private reserves throughout South Africa.

Great White Shark diving is also an African Wildlife Safari of sorts. A day trip out of Cape Town - east along the coast to a town called Gans Bay. This is the place of your safe encounter with these living submarines from inside a metal cage. Its easy to arrange from Cape Town and even given all the hype about shark attacks, this is still your best and probably only way you will get to see a Great white Shark in South Africa.

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