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Blue Water Riding Bliss

Crystal clear, warm waters make Bahamas Kitesurfing,the island chain just south of Florida, pure joy to kite in. The four beautiful islands of Nassau, Spanish Wells, Eluthera and Harbour Islands are also a short trip away to escape the bustle of the city. Staying in Nassau the capital of the Bahamas can be a bit like being in Vegas with fancy resorts and gambling entertainment. But there are good kiting spots here and great shipswrecks to kiteboard over or dive around.

Bahamas Kitesurfing: Kitefacts
Location Name: Blue hill, New Providence
Main City: Nassua
Best winds: October to March - trade winds
Wind Conditions: 12 - 20knots
Wind Conditions: Good in the winter not so good in the summer
Water type: Chop and flat and some waves
Water Temp: boardshorts or bikini
Nightlife: Hell yeah!

Photo: Julie Zoney

The Kiting Setup - the winds here are slightly less consistent than other areas of the Caribbean but since it can be a cheap and quick place to get your fix or get away from it, you'll find what you want kiting the Bahamas.The kiting areas are fairly uncrowded and the kiting locals are friendly so its a good place to learn.

South Beach - Blue Hill, has a shallow lagoon that goes out for about a mile, but with shallower water comes butter flat water.

Coral Harbor, if you like to kiteboard from your hotel is where you can launch from the beach.

Cable Bay is also good spot with some waves on the outside. Here's a place where you can party, gamble and kite the next day.

Goodman's bay is a great little flatwater kite spot but it's not a very big so you'll want to know what you are doing and be careful of other kiters around you.

At other locations there are waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean. There are also the other islands to explore and Spanish Wells is a great one to do this and experience more of an Island culture. The water is warm and crystal clear with a sandy bottom.

Other Activities/ Nightlife:
World class casinos and nightlife will keep you up all night, fine dining, duty free shopping as well as scuba diving, tennis, golf, horseback riding and snorkeling will also keep you entertained.

Skunked for Wind?
Rent a scooter or car and do a trip discovering the island. Or if you're feeling more adventurous head for one of the outer islands, do some deep sea fishing, diving or take a helicopter ride for a birds eye view. ~Thanks to Zack Nottage and James K for info on Bahamas Kitesurfing~

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