The Great Wind and Waves of
Barbados Kitesurfing

Barbados Kitesurfing has its share of great kiting and surf spots and be certain you will more than likely need a 6m for at least one day of your trip. As the furthest east Caribbean kitesurfing island, its known as one of the windiest and consistent areas of the Caribbean. The strong easterly trade winds are best off the south coast but the currents should be watched out for as they do get strong.

Barbados Kitesurfing : Kitefacts
Best winds: December - June
Best surf: November to March
Wind Conditions: 15-25 knots
Water Temp: Boardshorts/Bikini
Water Type: Chop - Waves
Weather: tropical - warm to hot
Nightlife: Yes - restaurants, bars and clubs
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Confident wave kiters will love this place with great surf coming in direct from the Atlantic! Surfers point is one of many great surf spots and great for kiting too. Just be respectful when kiting around surfers - you might even meet some pros here!

The Kiting setup
With consistent winds, Silver Rock beach on the south coast is the main kiting spot where you'll find the shipwreck sticking out of the water and a good bunch of kiters. If things go wrong you can still come in at Silver sands beach.

The Barbados south coast is the perfect place to stay for kiters wanting good restaurants, popular night life and still be close to the wind and waves. The most consistent spots for waves here are South Point and Brandon’s. There are other amazing spots nearby - these are Freights Bay and Accra.

Barbados is easy to get around so you won't need a boat. But it is a place where you need to bring everything spare kiting parts etc. It has got better over the past few years but Barbados is still not well stocked when compared to some of the other Caribbean islands.

If you stay in Silver Sands Beach, Surfer's Bay or Silver Rock, a car isn't needed to go kiting. And accommodations for all budgets is easy to find.You are going want to see the rest of this great island and discover another wave or kitespot and car rental is easy.

Other Activities:

Surfing head for Bathsheba - Soup Bowls on the East coast a world class wave rated by Kelly Slater and south of surfer's bay is Freights.
Celeb spotting is apparently also good in this out-the-way part of the Caribbean.

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