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California kiteboarding offers many choices. This ocean-side state provides endless kitesurfing opportunities. The only drawback is the competition for good beach/launch space. This state has the same population as the entire country of Canada, and, of course, everyone wants their piece of waterfront paradise. Be cautious when kiting on the crowded beaches and holidays - and respect local rules and lifeguard directions.

Bay Area and central coast

The main areas of California kiteboarding include Bay Area and central coast locations and Southern California to San Diego. The Northern and Central parts of this state definitely have the most consistent wind. The wind is the strongest in the North and gets lighter, less predictable and less common as you go down the coast.

Wind/ swell conditions for California kitesurfing locations.

A decent wetsuit (4/3) should see you through the cold Pacific waters year-round. You can strip down a little in the summer months down south.

Southern California

The kitsurfing "season" in around LA is April to October although Southern California wind is harder to predict than in other parts of the state.

A number of kiting locations exist south of LA in Long Beach. The best place for beginners is Belmont Shore Beach. Many of the other locations are for intermediate or advanced kiters only. With high demand for beach use unsafe kitesurfing could jeopardize the access for all kiters. Sunset Beach and Seal Beach have narrow dedicated launch spots with the beach about 200 ft wide. These places can get waves so unless you can handle challenging conditions, these aren't the spots for you. The best wind is a N -NW. Kiteboarding hours during the summer months (June to September) are 2pm to sundown.

Windy day at Manhattan Beach, LA

Other advanced areas include: C Street Ventura - a great point break with waves in the 2 to 8 foot size. Respect the surfers here or be prepared to pay the consequences - this is a busy spot which is good just about all year except for sping months - March and April.

Topanga (west of LA) has has a very advanced kiteboarding launch (a helmet is advised).Its a small launch area next to trees and houses. The wind is more consistent and steady than Leo Carillo but it does get crowded as its the nearest kiting location to the city. Stay upwind of the surfers.

Leo Carillo located West of Malibu is where you will find a thermal side shore, wind (a south westerly). This beach is sandy and can get very crowded but the lifeguards accept beginner and advanced riders. The water is flat or chop so its good for beginners.

For those new to the area check out the Southern California Kiteboarding Association for very important information and rules necessary to know before kiting on these popular and busy beaches. These rules make it possible for kiteboarders to kite safely on these beaches without being banned.

Here's a great info Video by a rep from Liquid Force giving the low down on kitesurfing California Street, Ventura.

Thanks Corky!

When visiting SoCal bring your large kites. If you want epic conditions you need to drive 6 hours north to San Francisco kiteboarding areas or 4 hours north to the Central Coast. The winds are not great heading further south towards San Diego and the California border. They are inconsistent and light for the most part. From what I have heard the only really good thing about the San Diego kiteboarding scene is that you are a lot closer to epic wind and waves in in Baja, Mexico.

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