Claudia on Brazil

by Claudia
(Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil)

There are many other perfect spots for kitesurfing in Brazil that are not listed here. São Miguel do Gostoso (1hour and 40 min drive north from the city of Natal, RN) is a great spot and the infrastructure is much better then Cumbuco. Sao Miguel do Gostoso offers excellent restaurants and good service, as well as good pousadas (small hotels), while Cumbuco doesn't' have much to offer and can't do justice to the great brazilian food.

South from Natal 20 min driving there is Buzios Beach, another great spot and closer to the big city, and Pipa Beach for experienced with good waves and extremely charming town.
In Rio we have Barra beach and close to Rio you find Armação dos Buzios, great for kiters and surfers, and it also has great restaurants and good night life. Also in Rio state you find one of the biggest lakes with perfect wind conditions (Araruama lake), much much bigger then Cauipe and with good infrastructure of the Cabo Frio town just 20 min drive beside the spot.
South of Brazil you find Florianopolis, great and beautiful city with a lot of lakes and paradise beaches too. Ibiraquera spot is one of the most famous and worth the visit.
Brazil is not limited to Cumbuco and Paracuru for kiters...and these other spots are much more developed and show a much nicer side of Brazil, better restaurant, service, food, assistance... someone must travel to find the better spots not to be limited to one or 2 around the same region.

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