Edgewater Park, Cleveland, OH, USA

by Chris Taffarian
(Cleveland, OH)

This is my favorite kitespot on the Lake Erie coast of Ohio. A half mile long, super wide beach makes this spot ideal for self-launching.

The Cleveland skyline is less than a mile away, creating a dramatic backdrop to the picturesque beach while out on the water. The waves at this location can be spectacular. During strong Northwest winds the waves easily jack up to 10 feet, and sometimes even up to 15 feet. The waves usually have a short period, which means that if you lose one wave, you can be on the next one almost instantly. The best thing about this spot is how few kiteboarders there are. The average number of riders on the water during a good wind event is 2 to 3. The most I have ever seen is 5 riders!

Best months to ride are March, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov. This is the north coast, so the water temp during these months ranges from 40 to 70 degrees. Bring appropriate thermal protection... 5/4/3 wetsuit during colder months, and drysuit in December, Feb and March.
Caution: **This spot is not for beginners.** Recommend advanced intermediate to expert riders only due to natural hazards. There is no local kiteboarding shop so make sure you bring everything you need. Due to the relative paucity of riders, locals like myself enjoy riding with visitors from out of town.

There are plenty of great apres-kiteboarding activities, including Whiskey Island, located adjacent to Edgewater Park. You can actully do a downwinder to this location. Experts only, because of innner harbor hazards, including large freighters.

Please feel free to contact me at kitesurfbum@hotmail.com if you would like more info. Good rides...

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