Extreme Control Riviera Maya Tulum Mexico

by Marco Cristofanelli
(Tulum Q.Roo Mexico)


Welcome to Extreme Control Kiteboarding. For 2004 we have been offering top quality service to students from all over the globe the most beautiful locations in the world. We operate side to El Paraiso Beach in Tulum, all year long , we have been the first Professional Kiteboarding Schools along the Riviera Maya. The Caribbean sun and warm waters make it an incredible place to spend hours in the ocean learning kitesurfing, going on downwind trips or just riding waves on the reef break. The open stretches of white beaches and side onshore winds are a great environment to learn or improve your kiteboarding skills.
As well we offer Paddle Boarding , Diving lesson.
Through the summer and fall, Extreme Control offers spectacular kite safaris and lessons in amazing places around the world such as Italy, Tarifa and Brazil.

Our team of instructors are expert kiteboarders, IKO Certified and multilingual with over 5 years experience of teaching and riding all around the world. We teach what we love!

We have a unique philosophy here at Extreme Control in that we concentrate on teaching safety and kite control so that you have a solid and safe foundation as you continue through the sport of kiteboarding. Our classes focus on teaching how to control the kite, which is the most important aspect in learning the sport. We then start working with the board, the water re-launch, the self- rescue and tools to prevent problems. We want to create responsible riders so we can continue to enjoy this sport throughout the world.

How to get started...It takes around 6 hours to learn basic kite control and 9-12 hours to start going on the board and then you are ready to practice on your own and start riding. You will start with the 3 hour intro, beginning with flying a trainer kite on the beach (If you already know how to fly it we will skip this part) and then assembling the equipment of an inflatable 4-line kite and ending with flying the kite and practicing kite control on the beach. The next two to 6 hours we suggest doing private lessons so you get one-on-one instruction and are able to advance faster, especially with the RADIO HELMET. You will keep practicing kite control and start body dragging (having the kite pull you through the water without a board) until you demonstrate you a good control for the board. The time it takes to master kite control and be ready to start going on the board varies from person to person and depends on wind conditions.

After 6 to 9 hours of instruction, the best thing is to keep practicing with your own kite. Now that you know you want to keep going with the sport it is time to buy your own equipment. We have great deals on various kiteboarding brands and if you buy a new kite with us and we will give you a 2-hour free lesson!!!!

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