I Really, Really want to become a Qualified kite surfing Instructor


My names Kraig I'm 35 from Birmingham (United Kingdom) and have little kite surfing Experience (i can get up on a board) but I'm keen to learn and will do what ever it takes to achieve my goal of becoming a kite surfing Instructor and maybe setting up my own school (one day).
Ive run my own business since i was 21 years of age, in the building and refurbishments sector, so I'm defiantly motivated.
I'm looking for a way i can work and kite surf hand in hand. I love being outdoors, have an excellent re pore with people and I'm always smiling.
The reason i want such a life change is because i love being anywhere near the water or in it and when I've kite boarded it feels so right, its a life stile choice for me now... I WANT TO BE OUT OF THE RAT RACE!!!!.
I'm a quick learner and listen to instructions very well.
Just so you know i Have type 1 diabetes and I've lived with it for 15 years and its well controlled and doesn't effect any part of my life.

If theirs any Questions then please don't hesitate to call me 07854 806 505 or email kraigwitaK@gmail.com

yours sincerely

Kraig Mcleod

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