IKO Instructor looking for work anywhere around the world

by Chris Verstralen
(Oss, Noord-Brabant,The Netherlands)

Chris Verstralen

Zevenblad 15
5345KX Oss

Phone: +0031 6397758477
Email: chris.verstralen@hotmail.com


I recently finished my IKO instructor course with flying colours. My instructor told me I have a steep learning curve, that I'm very passionate about teaching and that I'm very patient and easy-going whilst teaching my students. Those are exactly the reasons why I want to continue teaching kiteboarding lessons for your company.

I have a VWO-diploma (high-school diploma) and went a year to University. During this period, I have had multiple jobs like working at a supermarket, a logistics company and a company processing pharmaceutics. I'm known for being hard working at these companies, and being sociable amongst my fellow collegues.

I have been kitesurfing for 4 seasons now. I have had lessons in Oostvoorne, after that I bought my own equipment to explore kitesurfing on my own, together with my dad who practices windsurfing. I also have windsurfing knowledge thanks to him. I have been to a lot of locations, like flat-water spots like Brouwersdam, Strand Horst and Grevelingenmeer in the Netherlands. Big wave-spots like Vrouwenpolder and Scheveningen in the Netherlands, Famara on Lanzarote and Corralejo (Flag Beach) and Costa Calma on Fuerteventura were also a few of my surf-locations. Although I like surfing waves, I prefer flat-water spots to practice my freestyle-tricks.

I certified myself as an IKO lvl 3N kiteboarder and completed my IKO assistant course in Scheveningen in The Netherlands. During the assistant course I shadowed Lvl 1 to Lvl 3 lessons and gave lvl 1 lessons. During my IKO instructor course I gave lvl 1 lessons and a lvl 3 lesson. Although it is not much, they were all succesful lessons and my students claimed they enjoyed it very much.

Conclusively, I'd like to tell you why I want to work for your company. Currently, I quit University. My plans for the future are to study again next year, which leaves this year open. Kitesurfing is a sport I really enjoy doing, and combining this sport with teaching seems to me like the perfect way to spend this year. Also, I want to teach kitesurf lessons in The Netherlands as well in the summer. To get the best out of these lessons, I want to gain as much experience and knowledge in teaching as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Verstralen

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