Inflow Industries -
The making of a Clothing Company

Inflow Industries, a small company thinking big, is the manifestation of James Dalton's creatively inspired, kiting-driven lifestyle.

I first met James about 2 years ago on the Spit in Squamish . Since we were then both flying kites for the local Canadian kite company, Ocean Rodeo, we were off to a good start. It was great to feel welcomed by James. He was one of just a handful of people who stood out in my memory as I became part of the Squamish kiteboarding crew, during the last days of the rapidly ending September summer sessions.

At well over six foot tall and nearly that broad, you wouldn't forget this big guy; but not only for this reason - James' chilled, friendly and warm nature make his charisma shine through, not to mention the powerful kiting. What I didn't know at that time was that the perfect wind blowing at my back was the product of the Inflow.

A firefighter by profession in Vancouver, a short trip down the road, James' life is out there in a big way as I don't believe just anyone becomes a firefighter. From what I've noticed, James isn't just saving kittens stuck in trees either! But given the circumstances he'd be the first one up there too!

Now a couple years later after having noticed some cool 'kiting' hoodies floating scarcely around and seeming to disappear. Inflow has recently reappeared. I was interested to find the source of these. To my surprise they were coming from James' small screening press setup in his house.

After arranging a time come by, I met up with him and his girlfriend, at their rustic home on their quiet street one evening in Squamish. He showed me around his design and screening studio , where I learned a bit more of the artistic fire that stokes James' creations. An artist and designer were really something I hadn't recognized in this local guy.

James and I spoke about his vision and goals for Inflow Industries - and what James wants the core qualities of his clothing company to represent.

His values of social responsibility and deep environmental respect are what remind him about his impact on the world and the adage thinking locally - acting globally comes to mind. His words: "we are playing in what's definitely the final effect of whatever we pump in to the water." He is aware of his impact.

It seems for most, its a world of the quickest route between 2 points is a straight line. Not with James and Inflow Industries. He is set on carving turns and charging fully powered... James is committed to making sure he remains centered within himself with his products, the people he deals with and the environment. He's not interested in taking the shortcut. Pulling big air, enjoying it and doing the right things the right way are more important to him.

James' focus is to develop momentum locally with the core group of riders who are both his friends and mentors in this small kiting community and from there grow into a larger company incorporating the outdoor, adventure-seeking lifestyle.

He designs like he rides: raw, defined, powerful, perfected and unique in style. There is only one James on the water - you'll always notice him - he's a stand out.

'Keep it Canadian, keep it local, and keep it green.' Bring on the Inflow. Its time.

To contact James email him at:

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