Why Kiteboard? Because It's the Best
New Sport to Hit the Water in Decades

People decide to learn to kiteboard because it is fun. It’s a rewarding healthy challenge that can shape your life in a positive way. Kiteboarders are generally friendly and helpful no matter where you go.

This water sport requires assistance and respect from others. It can be dangerous to kite alone and even more dangerous if you aren’t paying attention to others.

Can anyone kitesurf?

Anyone with a moderate level of physical fitness who is comfortable in the water and has a desire to learn can try this sport. The key is learning how to fly the kite because you have to be stable enough with that to begin paying attention to other things. If you are landlocked buy a trainer kite. It’s a good way to practice and get a feel for the wind. You can play with it near your home with friends and family and those skills will give you an edge when flying the real thing. Just be careful of others at the park.

Of course, everyone’s learning curve is different so when practicing be persistent and patient and you will get up on that board. If I can do it, you can do it. With new equipment available, gone is the day where only the uber athlete or thrill seeking adrenaline junkie can do this sport. Current kiteboarding equipment is more predictable and safe.

Should you take lessons?

Definitely! Lessons are offered in most ideal places to learn. Instructors can ensure your safety while learning and teach you how to ride safe. Fewer mistakes make it much more fun for you and your buddies.

Where can you kiteboard?

It’s a rapidly growing sport. In less than 10 years there are an estimated couple hundred thousand kitesurfers doing their thing around the world.

Okay this is the fun part. Kitesurfing locations are popping up all around the world - in both colder locations and the year-round tropical destinations, where there is a consistent sideshore or side-onshore wind, a safe launch, and landing spot and few obstacles in the water. Throw in a road to get you there and you will eventually see a kiteboarder.

You can choose to live in a spot near a vibrant city or a commercial area so you can work and play full time or find a job online that allows you to work anywhere. If you can’t do that you can plan vacations in amazing destinations. It is an excellent way to travel to a tropical paradise, meet a lot of locals and play everyday. When the wind is not on there are usually many other activities.

The challenge is trying to plan where to go next because now there are so many options . . .

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