Kiteboarding Addiction!

by David James Rittberg
(Hamilton, ON)

October 1, 2009

lol. ok...maybe a little over dramatic but I was looking at your site under "people, kiteboarding and life" and thought I'd write you.

I have been kiting since Dec has forever changed my life.

Since learning, I have had a huge shift in the focus of my life and re-aligned my priorities to include family and friends with my love for kiteboarding.
You see I don't have to choose since so many people in my life I have met through kiteboarding. For example, my life was truly saved in Puerto Rico by my "neuvo hermano", new brother, Benjamin when I fell into a whirl pool in the rain forest. See my facebook David James Rittberg, for details under notes, I have written about my adventure there.

I have since kited in Thailand, Vietnam, Hatteras, the Gorge, the great lakes in Canada, lake Winnipeg, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cancun, Aruba, and few other spots and countries too. I attained my IKO and started a kiteboarding school called Windy, check out, my "About us" page has more info as well.

The short of it is...I live to kite. I work landscaping in the summers in Ontario and save to go away in the winters. This will be my 4th winter leaving Canada for sunnier, warmer, more inviting kiting conditions that are above Zero!!!

I love my life, and am writing a travel book, as documentary of my life as a kiteboarder. It will start at the beginning, and include the hardships and friendships that this sport has catapulted me into,as well as more real life scenarios of broken bones and hearts along this path to becoming a kiteboarder. I have two written and need just to have them edited then distributed. Wondering if you'd like one of the first copies??? lol.

Have a windy day!

David James Rittberg
Hope to see you on the water one day!

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Apr 30, 2010
Update on kiting and marriage in Brasil
by: David J,

Since the last message...
I have travelled to Brasil, twice, with a short stop in canada and 1 month back in Cabarete.
Need to tell you...nothing has been better than Brazil for kiting...ever!

I met my wife on my 3rd day there, didnt know it at the time, but she was the one for me. Happened to be that she lives 2.5 hours north of Fortaleza where we met. When went to visit her parents in Itareme I found out she lived 10 minutes outside of the best kiteboarding flat water and shallow warm water locations I had ever been to!!!

We got married, civil, on March 5th 2010.
We bought land in ILHA DO GAUJIRU and a building March 9th, reconstruction started March 22nd.
Our Pousda (hotel), called the Windy Addiction International House of Kite, will open August 15th 2010. Please come say hi.

September 5th is our family and friends wedding in Ilha Do are all invited your attendance is gift enough. Ceremony starts 5:30pm, casual dress, beach attire...and don't forget your kite!

Have a Super Windy Day!

David James Rittberg

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