Kiteboarding Dahab -
The 'road-less- travelled' Egypt kiting experience.

Kiteboarding Dahab is the more relaxed, 'road-less-traveled' part of kiting in Egypt and offers the chilled hangout vibe for kiters and windsurfers chasing their passions. Easy to drive to for the day from Sharm but way better to stay there; Dahab is 80km through the desert and up the coast from Sharm El Sheik. The first thing you will notice, when you arrive at the lagoon is that that windsurfing is alive and well!!

Kiteboarding Dahab is good, and there are a couple schools around which can't be missed. The lagoon is divided up to accommodate the windsurfers and kiters - but it would seem that since the windsurfers have been there longer, they have chosen their areas and kiters keep out the way - safety first would be true here.

The kiting lagoon is shallow and better when the tide is high - as its quite small - and so gets crowded easily. Wear your booties,there are sea urchins and sharp coral. Its fun to kite on, but better for learning as you are always safe being able to get out atany side, pack up and walk back.The rigging area on the side of the lagoon is very spacious which makes it an easy launch area.

The sea is way better for kiteboarding for the more adventurous and experienced kiteboarder. Its a cross onshore at the beach up from the lagoon past the windsurfers. Its said to get epic with some great rolling swells. Just drive/walk around from the lagoon and check it out. Some guys kite across the lagoon and then walk with their kites over the beach (but do this at your own risk its maybe 500 metres or more - and stony beach!).

Kiting is also allowed downwind of the windsurfers at designated areas, but you could end up far away if things went wrong.

The wind is quite consistent in Dahab and blows longer through the day: 15 - 25knots. The wind is also apparently more year round due to other climate/mountain factors etc, blah blah. Water again is always warm.

There are nice hotels along the lagoon of Dahab and some have great bungalow type setups looking onto the sailing section of the lagoon.

The local waterfront/old Dahab and restaurant part of town (a couple kms north of the lagoon) is very cool. Its friendly, tasteful and great to enjoy a good meal, try an Arabian shisha pipe and hang out - day or night.

If you're not into the bright lights of 'Sharm Vegas', Kiteboarding Dahab is great all round chilled experience.

The shallow looking right side of the lagoon is the kiting area -
There are cross onshore kiting options for the sea in the top right corner area of this map.

Prevailing wind from the North East.

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