Watch a Kiteboarding DVD -
A Quick Way to Improve Your Skills

Watching a kiteboarding DVD is not only about watching the hottest kitesurfers doing their thing, it can help you improve your performance by seeing riding techniques at new angles.

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Educators say that people learn in many different ways such as verbally, visually and physically. So why not add an instructional kiteboarding DVD to your learning program? Watching step by step instructions on how to tackle that next move can really help. Watch, listen, memorize and then apply it in the water.

Here are a few of the best instructional DVDs to help you progress.

- Progression Beginner by Fat Sand
- Zero to Hero and Evolution by Real Kiteboarding
- Kiteboarding 101 with Shannon Best by Tronolone

- Progression Intermediate by Fat Sand
- Joyride by Real Kiteboarding
- Kiteboarding 201 with Shannon Best by Tronolone

- Progression Advanced by Fat Sand
- Surf and Triple-S by Real Kiteboarding

For beginners, watching a video before you take a kiteboarding lesson will give you some good theory to help you lesson progress more quickly. It definitely does not replace the practice you get with a good instructor as rigging your kite, launching and landing safely and gaining control of the kite will require explanation in person. This is extremely important as kiteboarding gear is changing so much. The kite set-up will likely be different than you learn on video.

Here's a great preview to a kiting dvd by 2 guys, Kyle and Colin, doing a lot of their kiteboarding in Squamish ,BC, Canada during the summer and Maui . The powerful soundtrack and great footage really captures a lot of the soul and stoke of this passion we call kiteboarding.

Looking forward to the full movie out later in 2009...

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