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Kiteboarding Europe has probably the most concentrated population of kitesurfers and destinations in the world. There are specific locations which are well frequented during the summer months and into the winter as waves begin to generate along the Atlantic Ocean.

Kiteboarding Tarifa-Spain

Europe is known for its variety of kitesurfing locations. The warmer southern regions of Europe, like Spain and Portugal have established world class resorts frequented by the PKRA world tour. These make fantastic destinations through the summer and winter months in Europe for beginners to learn with kiteboarding lessons. Experienced riders get to hone their skills and learn advanced kiteboarding tricks. The waves in these areas make kitesurfing on the Atlantic exciting too.

Maasvlakte - The Netherlands

Warm or cold, with the continued development of good wetsuits and kiteboarding drysuits, kiteboarders are getting out kiting year round to enjoy great cooler winds and water in Europe. Colder parts of Europe most notably in the Netherlands and the UK are a host to many kiteboarding resorts and really add to the hardcore kiteboarding experience of Europe!

Some of the best places for kiteboarding Europe include:

Spain - the warm and windy Tarifa, Fuerteventura, Tenerife- The Canary Islands;

Portuagal - The open beaches of Algarve;

Beautiful Sardinia;

France - the Mediterranean coast;

The Netherlands;

The Greek Isles - opened up to kiteboarding they have become incredible kiteboarding destinations.

The UK - Places all round Britain are springing up as the great winds and large expanse of oceans gentle waves and beaches have become realized for their kiteboarding potential.

Snowkiting locations in Europe have become very popular too. They are for the most part much more accessible by car than those in North America with large wide open areas and consistent winds. With the take off of Snowkiting, this sport has really taken to the skies in countries in the Alps and Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden. Suddenly flat and mountainous areas never before recognised for their snow and riding potential are becoming favourites for snowkiters and kiteskiers making fresh tracks on new slopes. Just check out Chasta snowkiting and we are sure you will be convinced!

Of course the bonus to kiteboarding Europe is the deep historical culture, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and wines and passionate people to meet and kiteboard with. With excellent roads and infrastructure, Europe at any time, offers kiteboarding travellers an experience of flavours that can't be found anywhere else. Go and find out!

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