The Kiteboarding Lesson -
What You Need to Know to Learn

As the sport of kiteboarding has picked up in popularity so has the interest in kiteboarding lessons, for several reasons. There are more and more people learning to kiteboard in more and more locations. It is a challenging sport to learn and flying a big piece of nylon in the air with 20+ meter lines can have damaging consequences to others and ourselves. We owe it to the industry to keep it safe and keep kiteboarding acceptable to those that have the power to shut it down.

Take a kiteboarding lesson

You will learn much way quicker, cause less damage and financially support the industry which can only benefit you down the road.

Yes, you may have a friend that can kite but for those first few hours it is best to get a professional to work with you. Just because people can kite, it doesn't mean they can teach. There is nothing worse than being taught by a friend, ruining their gear and maybe even a friendship.

Where to Learn

Not all kiteboarding locations were made equal. Some places are definitely easier to learn then others. Shallow, smooth water and consistent wind make all the difference. If you are learning in a challenging location be prepared to spend more on lessons so you can get the assistance to launch and land and important tips on the area. In locations more suitable for beginners you can get away with 3-4 hours of lessons and then try it on your own. It may take you longer but if you have the time and live in a great kiting spot, then go for it!

Choosing a Kiteboarding Lesson

Finding a kiteboarding lesson that suits your needs is important to starting this sport on the right foot. There are a number of things to consider such as whether to get a private or group lesson or take a course; finding an instructor that you like; the reputation of the school; and what to expect. There is a lot to consider so we've dedicated a section to kiteboarding instruction.

Practice on Your Own

Practice, practice, practice! Many people with board skills expect that they can learn to kitesurf really quickly. Board skills will help but spending time with the kite will make all of the difference. Buy a trainer kite to practice in a safer environment. Kite skills are essential to the sport so spend time playing with the trainer and as much time as you want body-dragging in the water without a board just to get better and prevent mistakes in less predictable situations later on.

Learn with a Buddy

The buddy system is always best, even in kiteboarding. It really helps to learn with friends that are near your ability. You can watch out for each other and even take turns on a good long windy day. Having friends that are advanced riders can be good to but it's also hard to ask them to stick close to you when they want to be out improving their skills, and having fun. If you are kiteboarding somewhere on your own be friendly, meet people and help others our around you. This will be paid back to you time and time again, especially when you are at the "newbie" stage.

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