In Maui Kiteboarding Lessons Turn
Vacation into Ultimate Adventure

Taking kiteboarding lessons while in Maui kitesurfing makes a lot of sense, for many reasons. Especially in Maui where the wind can be gusty and the ocean current can be strong, it is helpful to understand the important safety features of the equipment and the knowledge of the location before you start.

Not only will you have a better chance of staying safe, you will also learn much faster. Having an instructor to watch your every move will get you up and riding rather than making unecessary mistakes over and over again at the beach.

Choose From Many Maui Kite Schools

Aquasports Maui

There are quite a few good instructors on Maui. You can find them on Kite Beach in Lower Kanaha near Kahului. Private lessons are most common and typically run for $75 per hour. If you are experienced with wind and water sports or have spent a lot of time with a trainer kite you might book a 4 hour lesson in Maui. Many people will find that up to 9 hours of instruction in Maui is much more helpful before practicing on your own.

The wind can be up and down throughout the day at any time of the year so it is difficult to have the perfect sized kite when learning. A lesson can guarantee access to the right kite.

(One tip: a good instructor will not try to teach you when there not enough wind to keep the lesson going after the first couple of introductory hours.)

Another good idea is to book your lesson up front so that you can guarantee your slot. In the winter the wind is on and off and you don't want to miss out on getting in practice time because your instructor is working with someone else. You will want to keep working with an instructor that you get to know and like.

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