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There are many options for monitoring the conditions for kiteboarding Maui. It is a small island that creates its own weather, which can change often, but is never far from sunshine.

If the typical NE trade winds are not blowing you can often take advantage of beaches on the other side of the island (both Kihei and Lahaina) that allow you to kite in North, or South (called Kona) winds.

The most consistent trade winds occur from April through November. Kiteboarding Maui during the summer will give you strong more stable winds. The only draw back for wave junkies is that you'll find the best wave riding during the winter months, December through March. But then you may find light winds for a week or more at a time. You are in luck during these winter months if you are into surfing because there usually is surf so you can trade off both of these water sports.

To check the upcoming weather for Kite Beach visit the Maui county forecast or for some more visual fun this link from the Haleakala Weather Center can show you what the wind will be doing in a graphic projection.

Monitor current wind conditions at Kite Beach or Lahaina (West Maui).

For catching that Kona wind on the West side of the island you can find decent beach launches in Kihei in from of the Maui Sunset Hotel and further North along South Kihei Road. In Lahaina the best spot is in front of the Embassy Hotel. You will be sharing the beach with curious on-lookers so kite safe.

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