Kiteboarding Mexico

If you're into sun and surf, Kiteboarding Mexico is the place to go - one of the the easiest North American getaways for a long time!

Being such a warm, large country with so much diverse coastline, we have always loved the 'escape winter' options that Mexico offers for kiteboarding, surfing, recreation and adventure travel.

The desert area of Mexico is the Baja Peninsula on the West/Pacific side of Mexico. Baja offers dry and starkly beautiful landscapes and ocean. Kiters now are following the off-the-beaten-track, 4x4, surf routes exploring out of the way beaches, wind and waves down this endless peninsula. La Ventana is the one of the popular kiteboarding Mexico destinations for kitersurfers and windsurfers. Just about the only people who travel to La Ventana are these wind junkies - a true kiteboarders destination and a very popular spot for Canadians and Americans who flock down to easily escape the winter in great warm winds and uncommercialised natural surroundings.

January each year, Kiters and friends meet for a windfest of sorts in La Ventana, Baja.

The East side of Mexico has the popular Yucatan Peninsula. This is mainly the area around Cancun. Playa del Carmen, Isla Blanca, Xpuha and Tulum are the spots that kiters are finding and kiteboarding. This area is much more commercialised and built up than the quiet, small town vibe of La Ventana in Baja. Large hotels are the norm in Cancun and has a tourist oriented setup. Organized trips for diving and visiting historical ruins in this area around Cancun are great for non kiters. Not to mention just hanging out sunbathing at the beach or around the pool. The Island of Cozumel is another great kiteboarding spot and holiday destination. Near Cancun, about 20 kms off the coast from Playa del Carmen by ferry, Cozumel has tranquil areas mixed in with the fancy hotels and cruise ships. The tranquility of the island does not mean it doesn't have a party vibe - like in Cancun, partying can go on until sunrise!

Overall Mexico is a great kitesurfing destination - all these popular spots do have kite schools and more are emerging every season as kiteboarding continues to grow. Mexico will continue to draw many kiteboarders to its long sandy beaches, warm waters and winds...

Cancun, Xpuha and Tulum



La Ventana

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