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For kiteboarding Ontario offers locations within a few hours drive to take advantage of the windiest spots. People living in the heavily populated of Toronto also have a couple of good launch spots right in the city.

Typically for kiteboarding Ontario's windiest locations are on the eastern shores of the lakes. The prevailing SW and thermals join together to create decent wind on Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe - all well accessed areas (more details on the launch areas below).
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Spring and fall are windier than the summer months so an investment in a drysuit or a 5/3 and booties is a good option. The wind range is lower than most of the ocean locations in North America but oncoming storms can pick it up quite a bit. A mid range quiver of kites is probably the best option. Smallish men and women might need 8 - 12m and larger guys could get away with kites in the range of 10 - 16m.

The Ontario kiteboarding lakes are extremely large bodies of water so the waves can pick up with the wind.

Below I will describe some of the launch locations in each major area.

Greater Toronto Area (Lake Ontario)

Cherry Beach - Located on Cherry Street, you want to be here for Southerly (SW being the best) and and E to NE winds. Watch out for NW winds (offshore) and SE (onshore). Get assistance when launching here.

Ashbridges Bay - When its not too busy with other beach users, check out this location on the Martin Goodman trail, near Woodbine pool. This place works well on E to NE winds but isn't a good place to kite during peak summer season months on busy warm days.

Lake Huron & Georgian Bay

Wasaga Beach – Wasaga is a popular beachgoers location in Ontario. It is located on Georgian Bay off of Lake Huron. Recognized kiting beaches are Allenwood Beach and Beach 5 and 6. Allenwood Beach is at the north end of Wasaga Beach - the longest freshwater beach in the world. Here you'll find more than 20 km of sand. Beach 6 is the best beginner area of the many kiteboarding Ontario locations.

Sauble Beach - Both Sauble and Oliphant Beaches are located west of Wasgaga on South Bruce peninsula on Lake Huron. Here kiters enjoy more reliable winds in Sauble than Wasaga. Sauble Beach is considered one of the best riding spots around.

Other Cool Spots

Keswick - Located on Cooks Bay in Lake Simcoe is about 60 km from Toronto. The water here can be flat or choppy. It is a little less busy than other Ontario kiteboarding locations so can be frequented in summer months.

This is also a really good snowkiting spot - check out some of this footage of Keswick and head out with these locals if you're in the area.

Rondeau - This Lake Erie location is near Chatham and is very good with South/Southwest wind that funnels through the opening of the bay. Other wind directions can work here as well but its a tricky launch so make sure you are not here alone. Other Lake Erie locations include Long Beach and Sandbanks.

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