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Kiteboarding Ras Sudr

Kiteboarding Ras Sudr is another one of those funky, mellow little kiting spots in Egypt. A 2.5 hour trip from Cairo, Ras Sudr is 100km south of the Suez Canal and is said to be some of the best kiteboarding Egypt offers. Its a great semi secret spot for Expats living and working in Cairo to escape for the weekends.

Ras Sudr: KiteFacts
Best winds: March - October
Wind Conditions:18 - 25knots
Water Temp: Boardshorts/bikini to shorty wetsuit
Water Type: Flat and chop
Weather: Sunny - warm to hot
Nightlife: Yes - restaurants and local vibe

The Wind
This place like the rest of Egypt has perfect 18 to 25 knot winds and a consistent summer season from Mid March to October - the other months of the year can be colder but still enjoyable. The wind blows here from about 9am to 5pm and it is smooth and warm as it funnels down from the Sinai mountains creating constant cross shore winds here.

The kiteboarding setup:
Kiteboarding Ras Sudr is uncrowded and sandy wide open beaches make for safe designated launching and learning areas.Great kite spot include 'Moon Beach' and 'Lagoon Beach'. These are the most known spots and the schools offer great instruction. The water is flat and makes for great learning to experienced riding and big lofty jumps in the thermal air.

Lagoon Beach is a man made lagoon for experienced kiters only and offers a nice 5sqkm area for kiting in knee to waist deep water just over the sand bar at low tide.

Greens/Moon beach is the favourite for kiting as its massive lagoons and open water make for unbelievable kiting in knee deep water but can be a bit shallow on the low tide. this is a 20 minute shuttle bus ride from Lagoon beach but accommodation is available right on the beach there too.

Other Activities:
Ras Sudr is a quiet place and good to relax in. The local flavour of the original town and new development make it enjoyable and friendly to soak up. The kiteschools do also offer some entertainment and other sporting activities. A evening hanging out in a Bedouin tent smoking shisha is apparently a fun experience of local culture or a trip up mt Sinai and St Catherine's monastery is interesting to do. For those who are needing a days rest from kiting. Cairo is nearby to go and see the Pyramids, check out a museum or experience the hustle-n-bustle of the streets of Cairo.

To get to Ras Sudr:Fly to either Cairo or direct to Sharm el Sheik from many airports in Europe. Take a bus, taxi or rent a car to Ras Sudr.

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