Kiteboarding Sharm El Sheik -
The Pharaohs' secret spot!

Kiteboarding Sharm El Sheik is full sensory destination! Sharm El Sheik - Naama Bay on the tip of the Sinai Peninsula is known as the 'Vegas of Egypt'. It's the bright lights and bustling streets which give it the atmosphere. The Sharm-Naama area is packed with exotic restaurants and expensive hotels which own the beaches in this protected bay. But its the amazing coral and wreck diving that has drawn people to this town on the Red Sea for many years.

2 areas a short distance Northeast of Sharm are where the kiting is.

The main area is Nabq, which is about 20-25 minutes from Sharm and a cheaper option for hotels.

Nabq has a large lagoon area created by a coral reef about 500m out. Its perfect because you can stand just about anywhere. So its great for beginners learning, or advanced riders pulling crazy moves with the option of easy self rescue if needed. The wind is a cross to cross-on depending where you are on the lagoon.

The north end of this lagoon on the outer side of the reef has a beach which gets mellow waves when its blowing 20knots +. Its quite an upwinder to get there, but worth the trek.

The access areas to launching on the lagoon are a little difficult unless you are staying at a hotel along the lagoon. The easiest access is down the road at the public Zouara beach.

The second kiting location is Montaza Bay. This about a 15 minute trip in the same direction before Nabq. Its also just about the only beach that you don't have to pay for, or break through hotel barriers to get to. This has a similar set up to Nabq though the beach is totally uncrowded and you should have free reign without hotels around - but not a lot of help if you need assistance.

To get Montaza Bay, travel out of Sharm El Sheik on the Peace Road - take the turn off to the Baron and Jazz Belvedere Hotels. Passing the Jazz Belvedere on your right take the next road right - pass Gardenia beach turning. At the end of the road go right at the T junction to the beach.

The area for kiteboarding Sharm El Sheik works on morning thermals and are best between October and March. The wind is apparently still good April to September but less consistent. So avoid the 'nightlife of Sharm El Sheik' and stick to 'kiteboarding Sharm El Sheik' or you will be skunked!

It is sometimes windy through the day - on the occasions when it blows 25kn or more. It seems the harder it blows the longer it stays. Generally it blows from before sunrise to early afternoon. At which time go diving, snorkeling or just chill on the beach. Overall we were pleasantly surprised at what a smooth, smooth 15+ knot wind kiteboarding Sharm El Sheik offers.

Taxis will take you easily with your gear or rent a car - there are options available. A small car will go for about $40 a day.

This shows the 2 lagoon areas north of Sharm El Sheik/Naama Bay on the Sinai Peninsula - the first one being the undeveloped area of Montaza Bay and the one further north being Nabq (Nebk).

Prevailing wind coming from the North-east (cross onshore).

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