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Kiteboarding Squamish:The Spit

Where The Mountains Meet the Ocean

Kiteboarding Squamish, British Columbia - a short 55 minute drive from downtown Vancouver and half way to Whistler - is the kiteboarding mecca for Vancouverites, BC adrenaline junkies and is a gateway to some of the best outdoor activities anywhere! 

Kiteboarders launch at the Spit which is the best organized and most consistently windy kitesurfing and windsurfing area near Vancouver. With great kiteboarding out in the wide open bay, in the mouth of the Squamish River, or on the butter flat water downwind of the spit - you'll find a spot to kiteboard that you willl love!

Squamish Kiteboarding

A spread of kiteboarders in Squamish, BC with Shannon Falls in full flow.

Kiteboarding Squamish Kitefacts: The Spit
Best winds: May - September
Wind Conditions:15-25 knots (7 or 9m kites)
Water Temp: Full wetsuit
Water Type: Flat and Chop
Weather: Sunny, mild to warm
Nightlife: Weekend BBQ's/bonfires, Zyphyr and the Brewpub downtown.

Day fee: $20 or yearly membership $165 payable to the Squamish Windsports Society.


The name of the town means "mother of wind" in the local First Nations language for the thermal wind that sweeps up through the valley. The Spit is the launch spot built near an estuary where this river pours into the Howe Sound (Pacific ocean). This part of the coast is protected from ocean surf by Vancouver Island so here you won't find any waves. This is a northern spot and the water temp requires a full wetsuit is necessary for kiteboarding Squamish. But this natural setup also means it is some of the most consistent and steady wind that I've experienced. And really is what makes kiteboarding here so appealing. Its almost possible to get away with having just one kite all season a 7m or 9m depending on your weight.

The Spit

The growing kiting community here is growing, making it a well organized site with information and services provided by the non-profit Squamish Windsports Society (SWS). For these services there is a $20 day fee or $165 for yearly membership to maintain the many aspects of the Spit. 
Even though the Spit has been enhanced and expanded, the launch space still gets crowded, but is organized. Taking lessons on the Spit is the best way to see how it works and your experienced instructor will be able to ensure you learn the best way to learn on the Spit before you head out into the Howe Sound. As an experienced kiter, be sure to find out from locals how it all fits together, follow the flow of things and you will have great times. 

Squamish Kiteboarding, The Spit 3D

The kite size range is only slightly higher than some of the tropical open ocean spots so you'll want to bring your medium range. On a typical day, most people use 7-10m kites. 

Staying in Squamish

The best months to travel here are May through September for sunnier drier weather, although wind can start as early as April and last through October. Camping os possible at a variety of locations including at a nearby campground, Klahanie, south of Squamish or Alice Lake, north of Squamish - both off Hwy 99. Or stay in the various hotels; the Howesound Brew pub and Inn is a kiters' favourite place for a local beer or place to stay in a bit more comfort. These locations are all within a 10 minute drive of the Spit and since there is not too much traffic in this small town its a "breeze" to get around!

Squamish Kiteboarding kites

Kites ready to go on the Spit: The home of Kiteboarding Squamish.

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