Fly a Kiteboarding Trainer Kite -
Improve Your Kite Control

Buying or borrowing a kiteboarding trainer kite will be one of the first things you do when you decide to learn to kiteboard. Just playing with one of those things can actually get you hooked on the idea of learning to kite in the first place.

These kites can be used in parks, fields, lots or beaches without obstacles, making it a convenient tool to develop kite skills near your home.

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How much practice is enough?

The more practice you have the greater your kite control will be when you decide to take a kiteboarding lesson. Since kite control is the biggest part of kiting and the most difficult to learn you can save time and money with an instructor by using a trainer kite beforehand. Some people say that 20 hours is a good amount of time to spend on a trainer kite but this is just a number. You will know when you feel in total control of it.

What is the best type to buy?

There is a range in sizes and types of kiteboading trainer kites. The most typical kind is the foil trainer. This does not have to be pumped up, making it easy to set up, cart around and be enjoyed by others. These kites range from just over 1 meter to just up to 3 meters. Many of these trainers have a simple 2-line design which will work just fine. As the kite size gets larger, even at 3 meters, and the wind picks up, it doesn't hurt to use it with a harness for greater control and safety.

Going above 3 meters to a leading edge inflatable style can be fun if you want to use it as a high wind kite or for land-boarding. Some instructors use these but for the average person wanting to learn how to kite, stick with a smaller less complicated trainer kite to gain skills.

What does a trainer kite cost?

Whatever you pay on a trainer kite will save you money on lessons and most likely less damage to your kitesurfing sized kites down the road. A small kiteboarding trainer kite with a simple 2 line system can cost as little as $50-$100 USD used or $150+ USD new. The larger trainers such as inflatables get much more pricey and that's when you will want to start spending that money on kites for the water.

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