The Kiteboarding Vacation -
How to Make it Last Forever

How do you turn that kiteboarding vacation into a permanent lifestyle?

We believe that if it's your destiny to living in a kiteboarding paradise then anyone can make it happen. It all depends on what is important to you.

With the growing kiteboarding industry all over the world - more and more kiteboarding related jobs are appearing.

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We've explored many of the career options available to those who want to live a little closer to the beach. If you are going to move somewhere where its windy the key to a job that will make you happy is flexibility. The last thing you want to do is work all the time during the day when the wind is blowing. In that case you might as well live in a big city, make lots of money and go on nice vacations.

So what are the best careers to support your kitesurfing addiction?

Here are our top three:

1) Work online
Working online allows you to work from pretty much anywhere that you can get a wireless connection. And these days, you can usually find a wireless connection at a place where you want to kiteboard. This can include doing any computer work such as web design, engineering, architectural, editing, writing and many other options.

2) Become a kiteboarding instructor
Taking an instructors course will help you to learn kiteboarding and will give you an good option for supplementary income in a popular kiteboarding destination. Kiteboard instructors can make up to half of the hourly rate without having to invest in equipment or buy insurance. This job puts you at your favourite kiteboarding vacation spot everyday that it's windy and you can always find the space to squeeze in some shredding time.

3) Work on short term contracts
There are many industries in which you can work on a short term job or contract or work seasonally. Finding work that can support you year-round even when you take a few months off can be challenging but if you keep your lifestyle light than it won't be too hard. If you work for yourself, build up your word of mouth referrals so you don't have to pay for ongoing business costs while you are not around like advertising. Consider sub-letting your home while you are away on craigslist. It's amazing how easy it is to save money on fixed costs and free up your space to travel.

Whatever you do, you can find the right work to suit your kitesurfing lifestyle/addiction.

We would love to hear from you on how your lifestyle career supports your kiteboarding vacation fun. We are developing ways for you to tell us your story. Check back soon.

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