Kiteboarding Vancouver - Amongst Spectacular Mountains and City

Kiteboarding Vancouver is found in a few key areas on the outskirts of this large metropolitan area. If its the summer, head to Squamish . It is by far the best, and really the only place to go. We can confidently say that Squamish is world famous for kiting.
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This part of the coast is surrounded by ocean with steep mountains dropping sharply into it. Sandy beaches are at a premium in Vancouver and therefore during the warm summer months kitesurfing is restricted from the City of Vancouver beaches and the wind hardly blows anyway.

Kiteboarding Vancouver: KiteFacts
Best winds: spring,fall and winter - (all wind directions)
Wind Conditions:12 - 35knots
Water Temp: Full wetsuit
Water Type: Flat water, waves and chop
Weather: sun, rain, snow
Nightlife: Yes - restaurants and clubs
Kiteschool: Kiteboarding Lessons in Vancouver

A small taste of Kiteboarding Vancouver

The Main launch spots in metropolitan Vancouver include:

See map below for location details - Spots listed from North to South.

Ambleside: West wind. Fun waves - great setting. Beach closed in Summer months. Watch out for surfers and other boats.

Spanish Banks @ Jericho: West wind and East. Kiters here have to launch on the most west side of the beach area in order to remain out of the City of Vancouver restricted area. It is a a busy area both in and out of the water so use caution and try not to end up downwind. The tide can be out quite far providing a long walk from the beach to the water. This spot works best on Westerly wind and the stronger the wind the larger the swells.

Crescent Beach: SW, W, and NW winds.Long walk if tide is low - best when tide is above 6 feet.

Boundary Bay 72 street: - This area is a great beginner spot located in a suburb south of Vancouver, Tsawwassen. It is very shallow and works in most winds. The water is generally quite smooth and flat. Park at end of 72nd

Tsawessen Ferry Terminal: NW, W, SW wind. Great flat water spot.Take the road on the south side of the ferry terminal causeway to access.

Bounday Bay 3rd Ave: SE or East wind. Best winds in the fall, winter and spring.Long walk to get to the water at low tides.

Having a 5/4 or a warmer set-up (drysuit) including boots, hood and gloves is a good plan for kiteboarding Vancouver. Recommended kite size is all sizes as conditions are very different here, but mostly are in the 9 - 12 range of kites.

The wind for Vancouver kiteboarding tends to be lighter in the summer. I recommend branching out to designated kiteboarding spots in nearby towns. Squamish or Harrison Lake are each less than an hour drive from downtown Vancouver. Other good options include a weekend road trip to Nitinat on Vancouver Island or the Gorge in Oregon.

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