Kiteboarding Witsand:
The quiet, white, windy Sands

Kiteboarding Witsand has become a very popular kitesurfing holiday spot for a lot of South Africans. Witsands has great flat water kiting on the lagoon river mouth of the Breede (Afrikaans for Wide) River. And waves in the sea.

Witsand - KiteFacts:
Best winds: October - March
Water Temp: shorty - Full wetsuit
Water Type: Waves and Flat water
Weather: Sunny - warm to hot
Nightlife: Very Limited - couple restaurants

Blessed with the same warm summer winds from October to March that blow in Cape Town, Kiteboarding Witsands is worth the trip off the N2 highway. It's an easy detour if you are on your way along the famous Garden Route. Witsand offers a rural out-the-way sea-side village about a 3.5 hour drive east from Cape Town, and about 40 mins drive south from the N2 turnoff to Witsands.

The Kiting setup

The onshore South Easter at the beach is the prevailing wind that blows in from the ocean during the summer. It comes over the beach, so the lagoon for kiteboarding is always perfectly flat on the near side, and you can ride very close to the edge of the lagoon. The South Easterly wind again is very consistent and a bit lighter than in Cape town - in the 15-25 knot range. Westerly wind is also ridable during the winter months but this is more stormy wind and much more gusty.

The water is warmer than Cape Town too while kiteboarding Witsands and gets warmer the further you go east. You will still need a wetsuit though, a 3/2 full or shorty.

On the Ocean side, the sea at Witsand has good waves with the cross onshore SE wind. Sharks have been caught here, but no reports of kiteboarders being attacked. The wide, soft sandy beaches make launching and landing safe.

Due to the size of the village and distance from Cape Town(uncrowded!), you might only see a handful of kiteboarders when you are kiteboarding Witsand. Beginners should be careful as the lagoon is deep in places. There is no organized rescue on the lagoon if you get blown across the other side or up the lagoon. But there are recreational boats on the lagoon who will help as well as other kiters.

The Village Setup

The little fishing village has many holiday homes in between the ocean farmland and along the Breede River. Accommodation is available at a few places depending on your budget - Barry's Accommodation is reliable one.

You won't find any real nightlife, and No kiteboarding gear to buy here either, but Cape Town kiteboarders who come here often on the weekends are friendly and help out. You may end up at a good South African 'braai-vleis' (barbecue). The beautiful long white beaches and relaxed farm landscape will make up for the lack of night life too.

Other Activities

Other things to do include whale watching, cycling, long walks on the beach and sunbathing - just take it easy!


To get to Witsand you will need a car. Take the N2 east for about 3 hours over Sir Lowry's pass (your last view of Cape Town) and then after Swellendam take a right turn down to Witsand on the R324.

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