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The Kitesurf lodge Cape Town - is beautifully located at Sunset Beach in Cape Town / South Africa. The kitesurfing school owns a big house in an upmarket residential area, directly on the beach. It is Sunset Beach, one of the top kitesurfing beaches in the world and the premier kitesurfing location in South Africa. There are holiday apartments for the participants of the kitesurfing courses in the Kitekahunas Beach House. All courses are kept exclusive: Each course has a maximum of 6 students, to ensure high quality and individual care with 3-4 instructors. Beginners will be coached individually, one-on-one, or in a small group of 2 students

The Accommodation

Kitesurf Lodge Cape Town offers accommodation with breakfast in the Luxury Guest House for Kitesurfers and non-kitesurfers with infrastructure for kitesurfing and windsurfing, directly on Sunset Beach in Cape Town. The Luxury Kitesurfing Guest House has beautiful rooms, mostly sea facing, some of them looking over the dune onto the Ocean. Already while taking your breakfast or when sitting in the bar, you will have a breathtaking view on the Ocean, Cape Town and Table Mountain.

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Kitesurf accommodation lessons in Cape Town

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Kitesurfing Lessons

For kitesurfing beginners Kitekahunas recommends the combined A+B kitesurfing course. For this you will have to stay two-and-a-half to three weeks and after this comprehensive, intensive kitesurfing course you will return from Cape Town as a fully independent kitesurfer. You will be able to kitesurf everywhere in the world and you can train further on your own - or you can come back to Kitekahunas to register on one of our advanced courses on a higher level.Course A has three full training days or six half days. The course follows the IKO standard (International Kiteboarding Organisation), as it is offered anywhere else in the world. Best you reserve for it 5-7 days, to leave some room for the weather and your physical fitness. All equipment is included in the course.

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Kitesurf Accommodation Lessons in Cape Town

Directly after course A you will start your course B. Enquire at time of booking about dates of courses. Beginners choose a date for their course B first and travel to Cape Town a week earlier, in order to complete their course A beforehand. If you have already done your beginners course, and you are able to do a water start and you can ride in both directions for some meters, you can of course directly book your course B.

The goal for course B is to be able to ride into both directions comfortably, also not to lose control over your board when dealing with small waves, and to be able to stay upwind and ride windwards. This is probably the most difficult phase when you learn kitesurfing and many students give up. You will learn riding upwind relatively fast, within days and not within months or years, as is often the case. The reason for this is that we can start directly from our doorstep long downwinders and our students will gain many hours of "watertime and boardtime", without having to go through the tiring and time-consuming effort of walking upwind. Also basic transitions, changes in direction, will be acquired and at the end of your course you will maybe even master your first small jumps.
Participants of course B need their own equipment. You can purchase this with competent and independent advisory here in Cape Town, mostly at much better prices, or you can rent.

Kitesurfing equipment is less expensive in South Africa than in Europe or America and also you will get your VAT back at the airport when leaving the country. So it pays off to purchase in South Africa, with this you will get your course almost for free!


We offer offers advanced courses for kitesurfers from late beginner level (course B - e.g. learn riding upwind), over intermediate level (courses C / D - e.g. learning to jump, learning rotational jumps) up to advanced kitesurfing level (courses F / G - e.g. unhooked tricks). Every season we offer also our specialised wave-kitesurfing course (course W).

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The Packages

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The Location

Cape Town in South Africa is often said to be the world's capital of kitesurfing. The travel destination Cape Town is different from all other kitesurfing destinations in the world. It is the sheer variety of conditions you can find on the more than 30 kitesurfing beaches around Cape Town, which makes it unique. Cape Town is located on two Oceans. Small waves you find in the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean has medium to sometimes high waves. Flat water to train your newest tricks is available in lagoons, river mouths and on mirror-flat stretches between waves that have barrelled. The wind comes side-shore or side-onshore, mostly from left, sometimes from right. You can choose downwinders, almost as long as you want it.

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Flatwater riding in Langebaan:  Kitesurf accommodation lessons in Cape Town

In Cape Town, you can experience something different every day. This is what makes the kitesurf cape Cape Town unique: Every morning the we decide, whether to stay on the superb beach in front of the house, or whether to start a downwinder from there, or whether we head to one of the many other kitesurfing beaches. All this depends on the wind and weather, the training goal of the day and the interests and wishes of the course participants. Kitesurfing in Cape Town means: experience every day something different.

Getting Here

You should think about Cape Town as one of the top holiday destinations in the world, the city of the rich and beautiful. Here you will find an almost endless number of attractions: super beaches, Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, fabulous restaurants, a hot night life, wine farms, safari and wild life, and much more.

The airport to travel to is Cape Town International (CPT). British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa and Air Berlin offer direct flights during the kitesurfing season from London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Munich. With Emirates you fly for little money from many cities in the world via Dubai to Cape Town.From the airport you are best to take a taxi to our Kitesurfing lodge for about R 300 (EUR 30 / USD 40). The currency is South African Rand and you can draw bank notes easy from any ATM.

The water temperature in Cape Town varies between 12 and 25 degrees Celsius, depending on the exact location and the conditions of the day. So you will need in Cape Town a full wet suit (4/3 mm). Typical air temperature is between 25 and 35 degrees Celsius during the day and 17 and 22 degrees Celsius at night. There are, by the way, no mosquitoes in Sunset Beach - it is way too windy for this!

And also to address a certain worry of people who watch TV: There has never been any incident involving sharks and kitesurfers, despite hundreds of enthusiastic kitesurfers in the capital of kitesurfing. There has also never been any shark attack reported at the kitesurfing beaches that we visit, despite hundreds of swimmers, surfers, windsurfers etc. Our schools teach in their sports classes surfing here with children!

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