Kitesurf NOW in Sao Vicente

by Ola Markowska

Great kiting and lots of fun things to do afterwards. That?s what you will find in Sao Vicente.

Sao Vicente is one of the Cape Verde islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Central Africa. It is a small island with many beautiful sceneries and the lively cultural capital of the islands: Mindelo.
The sceneries of Sao Vicente are breathtaking with steep, volcanic and table-top type mountains, wide valleys and spectacular beaches, all within short driving time of Mindelo. The land is dry most of the year with a short rainy season during August and September.
A short hop on the boat will take you to the neighbouring island of Santo Antao which, in stark contrast to Sao Vicente is green, has steep, high mountains, narrow gorges, waterfalls and valleys with lush vegetation.
The great conditions for kiting during October ? July will draw you back to Sao Vicente. The safest beach is Salamansa, a kiting location with a big empty sandy beach bay, warm water and perfect wind 85-99% of days.
For most of us flying to Sao Vicente is by indirect flight. International flights arrive from Lisbon (TAP and TACV) and national flights arrive from Praia and Sal. The national airline TACV offers reasonable airfares from various cities in Europe to Praia and Sal and does not charge for the onward flight to Sao Vicente.

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