Kitesurfer Mui Ne

Mui Ne update.

Hotels are being built at an alarming rate, no longer following the height restrictions, soon I feel this will be a concrete shoreline.

The width of the beach is in some ares large enough to safely launch, but the majority of the beach is quite narrow and extra care and attention should be used when launching and landing.

The strong wind isn't really kicking in until January, so if you want to maximize your chances of getting the best wind plan for a Jan or Feb trip.

Nightlife is growing all the time with more bars popping up every month.

Kite schools are also on the increase, but if you are thinking about getting lessons then please make sure you get taught by a legal licensed school. it may be possible to get cheaper lessons but ask yourself why its cheaper, could the instructors not be qualified? Does the school carry insurance should an accident occur? Is the school using low quality teaching materials, my advice send a little more and get a proper kitesurfing course.

For more info on the latest changes and information on Mui Ne, take a look at found this site last month. Was lacking content but more and more info is being added every day and they even have a section on the best schools for learning.

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