Kitesurfing Cozumel - the Mexican Island experience

Kitesurfing Cozumel off the coast from Cancun is one of those island gems. Mike recently traveled to this funky island and had this to say about it. 'Great kiting for all abilities and with a variety of riding locations' - from what we hear he is correct. The fact that you can have beautiful flat water or great wave riding within close drives from where you are staying makes this island easy. Rent a car and go explore!

Cozumel: Kitefacts
Best winds: November - March upto May
Wind Strength: 15-20 knots: (bigger kites)
Water Temp: baggies - shorty wetsuit
Water Type: Flat water, chop and Rolling Waves
Weather: Sunny - tropical
Nightlife: Yes - everything: restaurants and clubs

Apart from great wind and water, kiteboarding Cozumel has a lot to offer those who don't kite and come along to enjoy the relaxed beaches and scenery. The best time to come for kiting is in the 'cooler' winter months when the temperature is in the low to mid 20's.

Offering all types of riding conditions kiteboarding Cozumel has butter flat to perfect small wave conditions in cross onshore winds.

Mike recommended beaches on the east to north east sides side of Cozumel like Playa Bonita. They look great for playing around in small to medium waves and safe in small swells. There are a few locals around and this is their playground area whenever its blowing. Plenty of options along this side with many wide open beaches.

The lagoon on the north side of Cozumel is fantastic for flat water riding. Access to this lagoon if you are not staying next to it, is from the boat ramp on the north side of the country club. Be aware that there are strong currents if you get too far out. The beach hotels and accommodation along here are very nice and the beach is private to guests staying in the accommodation. If you are staying there, they offer all you can want beach amenities and have good launch and land areas.

Punta Molas Lighthouse is a great place to do downwinders from - get a boat ride up to the top and enjoy challenging 2 hour 'terrain-filled' conditions back.

There are direct flights to Cozumel and this is the best option. Flights to Cancun... then a taxi to Playa del Carmen... then a Ferry to Cozumel is long and will take a day out of your trip each way.

Cozumel is a pretty safe island and can suit your budget - high or low. You will definitely enjoy your stay while kitesurfing Cozumel. Make it a party or make it as relaxing as you want. Whatever you decide, you will be planning your next trip before you leave.

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