Kiting Australia -
do you come from a land down under...?

Kiting Australia is the land of sun and surf; and kiteboarding has seriously taken hold in Australia.

With many of the surf crazed population taking to kiteboarding when the waves are not be doing their thing, they are now also kiting when the surf is big and gnarly. Kiteboarding offers the 'tow-in' capabilities for big-wave-riding.

For us at destinationkiteboarding, this land 'down under' remains undiscovered. But with thousands upon thousands of kilometers of sandy beaches and waves, it's definitely worth checking out...a 'must-do' destination. And of course those charging Aussies are always taking kiteboarding to the next level...

Location Name: Blacks beach Lagoon, Queensland
Nearest City: Airlie Beach
Best months: All year
Wind Conditions:N 15 - 20 knots
Water type: Flat

Additional Info for Kiting in Australia:

On the low tide with a good northerly wind the blacks beach lagoon forms a firstclass kitesurfing location. It has great flat water, free of chop and also fairly shallow wherever yougo.

Nearby kiteboarding locations:

Town beach, Mackay harbour on SE winds.

~Thanks to Brent Coles for info on Kiteboarding in Australia~

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