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While in La Ventana Kiteboarding

The consistent wind, warm water and large bay for La Ventana kiteboarding creates an ideal place to hang out for a while when kitesurfing in Mexico. La Ventana is a small Mexican fishing village about 45 minutes from La Paz and 2½ hours from Cabo San Lucas.

La Ventana: KiteFacts
Best winds: November - April
Wind Conditions:15- 25knots
Water Temp: baggeies to 3/2 full wetsuit
Water Type: Chop & small waves
Weather: Desert - warm to hot
Nightlife: Mellow kiter vibe - beach restaurants BBQ's

Why La Ventana kiteboarding? Because the sideshore wind is very reliable during windy season usually ranges from 15-25 KT. Typical kites to bring range from 6-10m for smallish riders and 8-12m for the average guy. People often say that the wind is either on or off so leave your large kites at home.

This picture shows the bay downwind curving around to make for an easy landing:

Some of the best spots to launch and land your kite are on the properties of various La Ventana kiteboarding resorts and probably the softest (and busiest) is in front of Baja Joe's. Staying at a "resort" usually costs from $25-50 per person per night. This option is more pricey than camping at the beach or finding a private rental. But it is nice to keep your gear in a shed at the beach. The launch spots here can be crowded but you'll appreciate the wide sandy launch, plenty of room to come in downwind and very few obstacales in the water and the beach. The bay curves around catching all those who end up downwind. (A good set-up for newbies!)

This is the launch in front of Joe's:

It can get crowded on inside pocket of the bay (in front of Joe's) so you may want to do some downwinders. A good downwinder is a 15 minute drive upwind (north) to the Aqua Caliente which is one bay north of El Sargento. It’s a 2–3 hour downwinder. Can you say fun? It may also be a good idea to bring along some reef booties, in case you run into a problem and have to come in to a less than ideal landing spot.

Temperature-wise, November is a warm month so shorts or a shorty will do. The water begins to get cooler by December so definitely bring a shorty or a 3/2 for December and January. It begins to warm up again by February and March. In any case, you’ll want to cover your skin in case of jellyfish. The stings aren't deadly but they sometimes stay itchy for a while.

Although the town has few stores and amenities Baja Joe's has a nice shop set up with lots of gear. They even have a kite repair drop off service where you can leave your kite for a fairly quick repair job by Rico. What more could you need?

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