by Tobia
(Beirut, Lebanon)

....Urgently Needed, Male or Female, 1 instructor (if you are a couple we can have a job for both) for a newly opened and ONLY real kite school in LEBANON (very beautiful and safe and fun and party-loving country.. seriously! :))..

I already have too many interested people signed up for the summer to be able to handle them alone... we have all safety gear (Helmets, life jackets and rescue dingy) to make it work, so come be part of it and help me spread the WAINMAN HAWAII Kites all over the place...
we offer accommodation, salary depending on experience and % on sales... we also will have a mobile unit to drive to windy and empty beaches so as to always have work at hand...

the more the students are happy with their instructor, the more students they will send you :)...

but we will be working on a full web page soon...

Please contact me on tobiakmeid@gmail.com
Cheers and happy Winds!!


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