Choose a Reliable Maui Car Rental
From a Locally Owned Company

Fortunately or unfortunately, having a Maui car rental is essential when visiting this place. It is a small island and it is necessary to be able to get around it easy, but it also means that you have to spend money to have wheels. Maui has a number of small towns spread throughout the island and they are all good to visit for different reasons. Besides you'll need a car rental to check the wind at Kite Beach everyday.

Because all Maui visitors will need a car to get around, there are a number of choices available. There are all the usual national chains, the Maui cruiser companies and the environmentally friendly option.

We recommend the latter two options. Why spend so much money on a boring compact car when you can save money by renting from a locally owned company that will provide you with a reliable vehicle. It's fun cruising around in a car that "fits in" a little more with the longer term residents. Check out: Word of Mouth or Maui Car Rentals for your best options.

There is an even more exciting and eco-friendly option available for your car rental in Maui. Bio-Beetle
rents out cars powered by bio-diesel.

maui car rental
They are great cars to cruise around in during your stay. Although they are a little more expensive than renting a Maui cruiser, they are so super efficient that you will save a lot of money on gas. Bio-diesel gas is conveniently on the way to Kite Beach in Kahului so its never a problem to fill up. Bio-diesel is also a little less expensive than regular petrol so you are sure to save a lot if you drive around a fair bit.

Longer term vacationers may also consider buying a used car and then re-selling it at the end of their vacation. This may seem like the cheaper option at first, but buyer beware. A number of people have bought cars that not long after begin to have numerous mechanical problems. These can add up. This options best suits those who are mechanically inclined.

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