OCEAN RODEO RISE Venturi 12M with (Ocean Rodeo) lines and SESSION 2 HARNESS (med)

by David Joyce

EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE BOARD! Not used once. Priorities changed, so selling. Also have practically new (1) half and (1) brand new full wetsuit, from Mystic for (slim person in 160lb range). Kite is new from 2008 and bar/lines/harness 2009. Harness is a hybrid session 2.

Review of 2008 Ocean Rodeo Rise 12m:
Another review:
Overview of Ocean Rodeo Session 2 Hybrid Harness (and seat)
The bar and lines: 2009 SLE:
Excerpt from the above discussion...
“I've been using the 2009 SLE bar since mid-December. The 2008 bar was simple and bullet proof. The 2009 model is a little more refined. I like the 2009 safety release much better than last year's. It releases and reloads easily. The front line swivel does a better job at keeping the lines from getting twisted. There is also a new leash attachment that connects opposite the trim cleat. The slider/stopper is the same as last year's, it just has an additional piece to adjust the tension needed to push it up. The leash is longer too, maybe a little too long for me, but I'm fairly short. I'm still not totally sold on below the bar depower, but most manufacturers are going that way.
Overall, I prefer this bar to the Cabrinha and Slingshot bars I've used in the past. It would be nice to have above the option of adding above the bar depower and a below the bar swivel.”

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