Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico

by Patrick
(Kelowna, Canada)

the way it is, everyday

the way it is, everyday


Wide, sandy, uncrowded beaches; warm, shallow water; and wind for 10 months of the year!

Main City: Progreso

Best winds: Oct and Nov (10 - 25knts),Dec (20knts), Jan (22knts), Feb (15 - 23knts), Mar (20 - 25knts) / Apr (20 - 30knts), May (25knts), June (25 - 30knts), Aug (15knts), Sept (20knts)

Water type:Got it all, waves, flat, chop
Water Temp:Warm enough for Canadians all year round, but the locals prefer wetsuits in the winter.

Progreso can be a little sleepy at night, Merida,(a $2 bus trip 20 minutes away) rocks. Active club scene, arts and culture events, and a kick ass Mardi Gras.

Local Tip:
If you want a resort town, this isn't the place. It's safe. The people are friendly. The fish is fresh. You don't need to speak Spanish, but if you are open to learning it, the locals will help. And it's all so affordable.

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