Santa Marianita - Ecuador

by nicole
(Santa Marianita - Ecuador)

Favourite Location: Santa Marianita - Ecuador

City nearest: Manta (20 minutes by car)
Country: Ecuador

Best months to visit: May to December
What is the wind like?: Constant 15 to 24 knots side on shore
What is the water like?: Waves and chop
Dont need a wetsuit.

Describe this location:
Its a long sandy beach, wind is very constant; not gusty at all.
The spot is a small fishing village, but there are 2 school on the beach and a couple restaurants.
Schools offer lessons and rentals.

Cool links, etc. :

What is there to do when the wind is not on?:
SUP! (stand up paddle) good locations very close to the kite spot.
Visit fish market in Manta, or go to Montecristi to see where they make the famous Panama hats.
Many beaches along the coast, not far, to visit if you rent a car.

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