Snow Bay, San Salvador- Bahamas

by Elena Sparta'
(San Salvador, Bahamas)

San Salvador is one of the last “UNCROWDED KITESURFING PARADISES” where you can ride in

”freedom” and feel “the only one in the world”. Great wind conditions, year-round pleasant water and
air temperature promise lot of fun on the water in a breathtaking and ideal setting.

Snow Bay is the perfect freestyle, speed, slalom spot!! Flat water conditions and about 50-
meter-standing area make the place ideal for all kitesurfing levels. Located near the mouth of Pigeon
Creek, sickle-shaped Snow Bay stretches for about 1,5 km. The reef and cays (pronounced “ keys”), which
surround the bay and protect it from the Atlantic Ocean swell, make the spot a big flat-water lagoon. Ride
to the neighbor High Cay and take a rest on its desert white sandy beach!
The underwater bottom and the beach are sandy and free of stones, corals and sea urchins so you can
“forget” your shoes at home. As to the shore break, you needn’t worry: it seldom reaches 20

Wind Conditions:
The prevailing steady North Easterly Trade Winds blow unobstructed side-on shore
from end of October until the end of April ranging from 15 to 30 knots. Although on some days the wind
can shift blowing from SE or East, its consistency and steadiness don’t get affected. A shorty is only an
option on a few colder days in January and February due to cold fronts coming from North-West.
From May to August the prevailing SE wind blows in a range between 10-15 knots.

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