Texas Kiteboarding Provides
Amazing Variety for All Abilities

In Texas kiteboarding options are less known than other popular areas but are just as satisfying. Kiteboarding in Corpus Christi, and the surrounding areas, such as South Padre Island, can be really fun. All of the areas range in difficulty, which is good for beginners and advanced riders.

Corpus Christi is located on the Texas gulf coast about halfway between Houston and the Mexican border. The best season for kitesurfing is March to June and September to November.

When kiteboarding Corpus Christi a popular launch spot is Oleander - a small grassy pull out in the south part of Cole Park where Oleander Street ends at Ocean Drive. The launch here is sandy and shallow. Jellyfish can be a problem so watch out and cover up.

If you want to save on accommodation it’s possible to camp at Packery Channel. Here you will find shallow water suitable for beginner riders to advanced riders. Watch out for sharp oyster shells. Bring your booties, especially when learning.

A 2½ hour drive further down the coast to South Padre Island is popular for wave-seekers. It’s also has more of a sun vacation type atmosphere than Corpus.

Jetties on the Gulf side is the best spot for waves and jumping. If the winds are light then Holly Beach in Laguna Vista is a good alternative, although for advanced riders only. Here you can end up downwind and still walk back but it’s still best for intermediate to advanced riders if out in the surf. There are plenty of instructors available so if you are just learning you are in good hands. The best spot for learning is Laguna Madre. It’s nice and shallow.

Other launch areas on kiteboarding South Padre Island areas are the South Flats for beginners to advanced, easy to walk back from downwind, shallow flat water and good for all wind; the North Flats - which is the best place to kiteboard, and everyone else knows it too so it can get really crowded.

When going to Texas kiteboarding bring your mid-range kites as the wind is typical from 15-25 knots.

To get around to all of the best Texas kiteboarding spots having a car is a good idea.

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